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E Logo Design - Different file formats

It's almost impossible to discuss graphic file formats without first establishing an understanding of the differences between the two major graphic types: bitmap(raster) and vector images and file formats. And both of these file formats you`ll receive when you order a logo design package at E Logo Design™.

A Bitmap file...

...is a picture file made up of a matrix of dots (pixels) and is the type of file obtained by scanning or by taking a digital photograph. It is also the file type used by image editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint and is also the format used in Macromedia Director animations.

Bitmap file formats include: .bmp .tif .pcx .lrg .tga .gif .jpg .mac .psd .ico .png

The number of dots contained in each image depends on the resolution (dpi). Each dot contains different colour information thus making up a picture.

A bitmap file cannot be scaled and sized without a conversion process (such as using the scale command in Adobe Photoshop). This process stretches or compresses the pixels and ultimately causes a loss in quality.

A bitmap file is therefore only supposed to be used or viewed at the same size and shape it was created.

A Vector file...

...is an image file that is created by the computer 'on-the-fly', using a series of mathematical co-ordinates, as we would draw a graph from a set of numbers. This is the file type created by drawing in applications such as Adobe Illustrator®, Macromedia Freehand® or CorelDRAW® and is also the format used in Macromedia Flash animations.

Vector file formats include: .cdr .ai .cgm .wmf .fla

This file type is designed to be scaled, sized and rotated without any loss of quality.

All information in a vector file remains 'live' and fully editable and will allow colour changes, line attribution changes, and other types of manipulation.

.Eps files can be confusing as they come in both bitmap and vector formats.
There are many types of .Eps files containing different levels of information.
These include: Adobe Illustrator eps (Vector) Macromedia Freehand eps (Vector) Photoshop eps, (Bitmap) and Artwork eps (vector).

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